Our Anti-Spam Policy

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Because 99,9% of the population finds spam messages annoying, we are urged to apply a very strict anti-spam policy. Below you can find the current anti-spam policy of Server Boost Nederland B.V. It applies for all hosting, hosting related and/or SMS/IVR services.


What is SPAM?

To define the word SPAM: A large amount of email sent to recipients who did not explicitly asked to receive them. All emails in this quantity all contain almost the same content and often contain advertising for products, political thinking and/or propaganda. Also sending out the same email multiple times to a recipient who didn’t explicitly ask for it, also subjects to spamming. (This applies for both consumers as companies).


What action is taken against SPAM?

Server Boost handles a zerotolerance policy against SPAM, this means that when a user of our systems and/or network makes himself guilty of spamming (sending out spam), we will immediately remove him from our systems and/or from our network, without a cancellation of the contract or a refund of the open balance. Eventual extra costs made by Server Boost will be charged through to you. On a repeating matter of SPAM, a fee of € 500,- will be charged through to you for the administrative work!


Where can I report SPAM?

If you have received SPAM that was sent from our network, you can report this to: abuse@serverboost.com. Please also send us the headers of the emails, so we can identify the source and take appropriate action.


I am being accused of SPAMMING, I don’t SPAM!

This conclusion is made by us and not by you. Server Boost will start an investigation and the results will be forwarded to you, whether or not you were guilty of sending out SPAM. Even if you are not aware that SPAM is being sent from your server, it is your responsibility to prevent and resolve it.


SPAM has been sent via my website, what now?

You, as a system admin, are responsible for the website / server to make sure the website / server is well secured which prevents third-parties from sending unwanted email, aka SPAM via your website / server. If, because of failure to do so, spam is being sent, Server Boost will give you 1 warning. In case it happens again, you will risk being disconnected from our systems / network.


In what way does Server Boost mark SPAM?

All mailservers Server Boost uses are using the blacklists of Spamhaus.org and Spamcop.net. These blacklists contain servers who are known for sending out spam. Emails coming from those servers will be dropped by our mailservers.


Can I send emails via mailinglists?

Yes, it is allowed under very strict conditions:

1. All recipients need to have asked explicitly to received the e-mail(s) that were sent (opt-in).

2. All recipients need to be able to unsubscribe themself via an unsubsribe system / link; then the email needs to be permanently deleted from the database or file and cannot be redistributed to other mailing lists.


Dutch law doesn’t mention much to anything about sending SPAM, so Server Boost cannot disconnect me when I am sending SPAM?

You are using our network and/or servers, these are the rules we make for them. If you are pledged guilty for spamming (sending out spam), we will take the appropriate action against this and you will need to deal with the consequenses. When you are spamming intentionally, Server Boost will disconnect all network connectivity to your server and also nullroute the necessary IPs. All extra technical and administrative fees made because of this will be charged through to you.

Recently (Oct. 2009) there were modifications made by OPTA which forbids you to send mails to consumers and companies without opt-in. Fines can run up to €450.000! Be warned.

More information can be found on the website of OPTA, www.opta.nl and www.spamklacht.nl.


Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.


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